Venom S2 Concept

Venom S2 (Super Sport) Concept
Finally Completed, “phew”

Average Render Time: 2hrs
Max Vert. Count: 2.3 million
Total length of project: 3 1/2 months
Satisfaction from a job well done: Priceless

nniiiceee, all i gota say

Looks nice! Keep it up!

Now that is sweet. Great shader.


that’s badass!

Thanks everyone!

Just in case any one was wondering, all the images where rendered with blender internal.
I also used the CVS version of blender that was provided by Broken.

Looks great!

I saw this one in the gallery of Its awesome. Can you render us a wallpaper (im on 1600*1200 :-p) or upload the blend file so we can render it ourselves?

Okay, I know this is a month-old post, but its the first time I’ve seen it and I want to comment anyway. First off, kudos, cinder1 on an original & unique car design. That in itself is quite refreshing these days, esp. one that’s well executed as yours is.

Things I like:

  • the open & closed wheels (very nice way to have kind of a combo look there.)
  • the tri-spoke wheel design - very nice!
  • I like the “modular” kind of look you achieved that yet fits together and “flows” quite well.
  • the rear-view mirrors - at first I was wondering what that “box” was behind the front wheels, but knowing what they’re for makes them “click” a little better
  • the over-the-dome spoiler: a subtle touch that adds some “depth” where needed.

Things I not-so-like:

  • the “me-too” headlight cluster design: the round-inside/behind-glass look has been done… to death. Would like to see some out-of-the-box illumination thinking here.
  • the little rectangular vents in front of the rear wheels. Some interest is needed here, but what you put looks like you just got lazy and said “heck, I’ll just delete a poly face here… can’t think of anything else to do”. Probably not the case, but that’s what it looks like to me.
  • the thick, square-profle “waistband” that wraps around the cabin. Don’t know why this bugs me… it has potential… just can’t place why its not quite “right.” Would be really cool if this were the “frame” from which the body panels & mech assemblies were attached. Much like the large aluminum frame side spars on a modern sport motorcycle.

Would also like to see some more close-up renders of the rear and interior. You seem to have put some time and detail into these areas, but they can barely be seen in your pix.
Overall, great job - very creative! Keep 'em coming!

Wow, I thought this thread was done for:eek:

Thanks Jugai: I planed on shelving this project, but the apparent new interest is motivating me to do some more with it. I have part of an animation worked out, but its not completely finished. As to rendering a wall-paper sized image: sounds plausible. I’m working on some other projects but I might have some time to do that in the next week and a half or so.

mzungu: Thanks for the comments and critiques. You made me realize that this design could be looked over again and re-thought. Of course I’m not going to scrap it and start over, but your “don’t likes” really make me want to improve some things on the car. One reason for not rendering more was time constraints, what with school starting up again and all. But now i have access to some more powerful hardware which = shorter rendering times. I really do want to show off more details.

Thats great!

the modelling is awesome, it would be well worth it to do a better quality render though.

Awesome! I’d love to see a high quality high angle render of the orange one…

Maybe you can try the new luxrender. Radiance is looking for someone who renders an animation with it.