Venom's Lab at amazon?

I was wondering if anybody knew if you could buy Pablo Vazquez’ training dvd “Venom’s Lab” at amazon. I’ve ordered two books from the blender e-shop before and it took a whole month to get to my house:no:. I recently bougt one of the blender books from amazon and it came in two days:). If amazon isn’t sell it, can somebody tell me if I can buy it from any other site?:confused:

nope - just at the blendershop

It is probably best to download the DVD’s via internet and donate money (if wanted) directly to Blender Foundation. DVD’s are lisenced by Creative Commons, so you can do it legally.

well hopefully Pablo will get a cut of the sales

so it’s probably best to purchase the DVD
if you donate - it still goes to the Blender Foundation but
Pablo won’t get his cut (I’m not sure what the agreement is though)

It’s says on his website that all the money made with Venom’s Lab is for future blender projects, so all of the money goes to the same cause.

Do you know any good links to download Venom’s lab?

I do recommend the DVD.

The chapter lessons are at the same time simple and advanced (as in it’s simple to learn, and allows you to do pretty nice advanced stuff !)

Get the torrent while you wait for the disco itself. It’s what I’m doing here :slight_smile:

The DVD I ordered from the BF just arrived today, exactly eleven days after I logged in to their shop, a bit earlier than expected.

I’m not doing this for any altruistic reasons. I’m doing this because this is a collectible item as 2.5 is soon to be launch. Five years later or more this may be worth more than hundreds of dollars.:evilgrin:

Seriously, it’s time to tackle advanced features in Blender.

Hi there!,

Venom’s Lab! is only available at the Blender store for now, since is a pure Blender Foundation/Institute project, also consider that by getting your DVDs and books on the Blender store you’re directly supporting Blender and its projects (documentation and movies/games).

Our fee is not based on sells count, is a fixed amount, so every cent from the DVDs sold on the store (including Venom’s Lab!) is for the Blender Foundation (the fee gets covered either with pre-sale or sells from past projects), which I think is the best since this way the BF gets a lot more, which is awesome! we can all tell they don’t waste a single penny, its all well invested :slight_smile: