ver 2.49b wont do HD right on a win7 64bit

once again blender fails.
i started with a new file - the cube.
for 3 seconds it moves across the screen in HD on a win7 64bit .
all settings tried - NONE work correctly if at all.

You are not making any sense. What doesn’t work?

Look, anon, we want to help, but you keep posting all over the place for the same problem, which is not only confusing, but a bit rude in terms of nettiquette.

Keep your posts in the same thread, please, and that’s where you’ll get your answers.

either the avi video does not get recognised in windows media or it looks very odd.
i posted pics of one of the problems.
i will wait til 2.5 comes out.
in the past, several times i have said a version of blender would not do something- and i have been proven correct every time.