(Ver. 2.57) This is not what the default screen looks like...

I’m new, so no URL to an image (sorry!), but in any case - I just downloaded the 32-bit Windows (Vista) version of Blender, and the screen which appears is not what I’ve seen in tutorials as the “default,” even when the tutorial-maker was using version 2.57. For one thing, there’s no bar with “File” etc. showing, and I don’t see the little icons to change what the different sections of the screen display, if that makes any sense.

Thanks for any help in advance…

This is the default interface, is it similar to what you’re getting?

The 3D View Window and the Property Window are there, and the screen is in different sections like that, but no menus are showing, nor the little icons to change what the sections display.

Uninstalling it and reinstalling it seemed to help, in that when it finished installing and starting running automatically, it showed all the panels, etc. correctly, but when I try to open it from the shortcut on my desktop, it won’t show the menus and panels again.

Could it be that I installed it on a drive other than my C drive?

Fixed it by running as an administrator (at the suggestion of another Blender user I know).

Argh. Thanks.