"Verne Illustration Shader" Perfected.

Today I spent time with “Verne Illustration Shader”.
You can watch other examples at Doug’s gallery. Hope you like it.

I like the effect. Is it supposed to be like a wood cut?

Oh my word!

That is very very very cool!

Could also be used for rendering Escher style woodcuts!

Will you share how you did this?


That looks really good. :smiley:

:o :o :o

That is simply gorgeous! Where can we get the shader? Is it a python?

It’s simply wonderful…
you must share your technique…

Here is the shader in a simple .blend file (Ziped). In fact, the shader is a Wood procedural texture with some cute mapping and few reflection and emit tweaks :wink:
Since yesterday I’ve added a “Cross shading”. (I can’t resist to put the image here) :-? 8)

Man this is beautiful. Thank you.

Cool effect! Really makes you realize that Blender is a lot more capable than you think, when you apply old tools in new ways. Good work! Have you tried using it with animation yet?

Thanks for sharing such an amazing tool. The shader is showing much promise, and could be used for a huge variety of works.
I hope this is implemented into the next version of Blender… :slight_smile:

Yes, I’ve tried make an animation. As I expected, it does many of interesting effects, but if you thing it looks good, then i must disappoint you. There are used global coordinates for some lines, therefore looks odd in some angles.
Don’t you all forget, its a cheat little bit. :wink: It’s not REAL shader! But as you can see, you can archieve very good stills (pictures in Verne’s book doesn’t move too :slight_smile: ).
BTW. It’s still in progress, maybe I will develop a better technique for animations. Or, maybe, there is somebody, who could code a real texture plugin :wink: Who knows…

It´s cool,but it is not the ´shader´ I will use every day.

WOW! I was jsut thinking of doing something like this in PSP for something I’m thinking about… This will make everything all the easier now!! LoL! thnx man

this is so cool

thank you for the verne file…
I’ll surely play with that…
:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

yes !!!
This is a good render ;.)
I really like this style …

Is it easy to use ? or do you have to
spend time sizing/resizing the object and textures ?

Thanks ! :smiley:

It’s actually pretty simple. You can do a lot with just appending 1 material into another scene, and altering it. I already found a few good uses for it (a scanner, for example).

Hey there. Nice work.

Have you ever used the “India Ink” Photoshop filter from Flaming Pear? It allows all sorts of ink hatching styles to be designed and mapped based on the values in an image. It’s good for post processing grayscale images you create with Blender.


I don’t know this plugin, but i think it could be something simillar to GIMP’s Gimpressionist, which has a strong potencial. Only drawback of these plugins is, they do strokes along contrast, intensity, colour, edges, …, but Verne shader folows the exact shape of the object. But i like Gimpressionist and find it very usefull in postprocess, there you’re right.

is this image: http://stickventuras.keenspace.com/comics/20040802.gif
a blender-made one?
if yes can the owner write, what technique is used…