Verse status???

Anybody hear anything new about verse? It was an awesome project that just seemed to die!! Are there updates to be able to plug into maya 2011 and any new versions of blender (2.49 or 2.55) with verse in them?

Another quick question, is verse able to share a camera between maya and blender?


Verse was a concept project. I’ve got no idea on if anyone’s working on it.
I was looking into program communication and found there’s a work around in linux using pipes and python to pipe data to and from blender - however, when using pipes on win7, blender freezes)
you should probably try the old version of blender verse and see what you can do with it.:slight_smile:

edit: I tried verse: it works. The main way it works is it updates EVERY SINGLE vertex to a server and then sends the updates to all the clients : so the time for editing slows down tremendously. - probably best to get an object, duplicate it (or disconnect from the server) and link data when finished with editing.


Currently the Blender 2.5 source code doesn’t have Verse support. I’m targetting to work on that sometime next year, possibly starting Q1/2011.

Blender 2.49 is the latest version with Verse support.

I doubt the maya plugin works for 2011 version.


and a camera script to export to maya: