Vertex animation 2.8

Vertex animation in 2.8, is it possible? If yes, how?

What do you mean ?
Vertices displaced by bones of an armature is a vertex animation.
Vertices displaced by any modifier is a vertex animation.

Of course. That is possible.

But if you are talking about vertex color animation. Animall Addon have not been updated to 2.8.

Without modifiers, without bones. Just simply keys animation. I’m talking about an animation in Edit Mode.

You can create shapekeys animations as in 2.79.

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Also looking for this. I don’t want shape keys as those import as target morph in Unreal Engine for example. So basic vertex animation on the timeline is what we ask. In 3DS Max is straight forward, you just move vertices around with auto-key on lets say and it gets recorded on the timeline with key frames.

Use this addon