vertex color paint

I’m trying to use vertex color paint, along with UV texture coords.
I want to color an object on a per vertex basis, and use a texture to control the emit. (It’s a rod that glows).
However, if I set use_vertex_color_paint, then I can’t use UVs, the stuff in bold.

Is there anyway to use both at the same time? I’m using blender 2.56

m is the mesh.

nFaces = len(m.faces)
vcol ='vcolor')
<b>uvs ='uvVals')</b>
n = 0
while n &lt; nFaces :
    i0 = m.faces[n].vertices_raw[0]
    i1 = m.faces[n].vertices_raw[1]
    i2 = m.faces[n].vertices_raw[2]
    v1 = m.vertices[i0].co
    v2 = m.vertices[i1].co
    v3 = m.vertices[i2].co

    z1 = v1[2]
    z2 = v2[2]
    z3 = v3[2][n].color1 = ColorFromZ( z1 )[n].color2 = ColorFromZ( z2 )[n].color3 = ColorFromZ( z3 )
   <b>[n].uv1 = (zToU(z1),  zToV(z1))[n].uv2 = (</b><b>zToU(z2),  zToV(z2)</b><b>)[n].uv3 = (</b><b>zToU(z3),  zToV(z3)</b><b>)</b>