Vertex colour ipos

(blenderage) #1

Is it possible to animate vertex colours for use in the game engine?

(RipSting) #2

Sorry, there aren’t any IPO cures that affect vertex color. However, you can create a runtime python script that could read/write the vertex colors at each frame. This is very possible to do, but it could be noticably slow for very large meshes. I did something like this to draw color temperatures on a globe in realtime from an SQL database. I might be able to send you the coloring part of my code if you need it.

(saluk) #3

Actually there ARE ipo curves for vertex color. The problem with it, is that it affects the entire object, so you can’t just have like a couple meshes change color. If you have an object with different vertex colors already on it, animating the vertex colors will change it so that the whole object is painted the same color.

To do animated vertex colors, you select colR, colG, or colB in the ipo window and control click each point of the curve.

(RipSting) #4

Oh… Didn’t know that, saluk! Strangely, I just found out about controlling particles with the Time IPO curve. It’s cool I’m still learning new techniques after 2 1/2 years!

But my code’s still available if you need to do mathematical operations on the vertex colors or if you need to have the object NOT be all 1 color.

(z3r0 d) #5

(blenderage) #6

Thanks guy, but nothing happens to the meshes vertex colour when i create the Col ipos it just stays white? do you know what im doing wrong? P.S i am a dumbass so explain slowly :slight_smile: Thanks

(TorQ) #7

What color does it start the animation with? If its not white turn it to that color. That might help. Also I found that vertex color ipos don’t work on faces with alpha channel.


(blenderage) #8

ahh… you can only see the result when you press P doh… told you me dumbass :smiley: