Vertex group weirdness in 2.7

I can’t seem to figure out how to assign vertex groups specific names in Blender 2.7…it used to be so easy before! What I’ve tried: select the vertices I want, go to vertex groups, click “plus” button on the right, then click on tiny little plus button on the left, name vertex group something useful, assign. Seems logical. Then when I actually go to use the vertex group, all I have to choose from is “Group, Group.000, Group.001,” etc, not the names I actually used. Not helpful, because I don’t know exactly what they are, and I can’t even access them in the Vertex group list. I’ve switched to using materials to define vertex groups for the time being. So frustrating. If anyone has figured this out, please let me know.

Ctrl-left click on group’s name allows to edit it.

Hi eppo, following your suggestion, I realized that clicking on the little magnifying glass switches between the generic list of groups (which can be renamed) and the named groups. Seems like an added layer of complexity that wasn’t at all necessary…

Thanks for your help!

That plus button on the left opens the list filter and sort tools. The text box is a list filter.

What eppo said (Ctrl-click) or double-click a group name, type name you want, enter.

Do you have Tooltips turned on in User Preferences? :wink:

Edit: That magnifying glass icon inverts the list filter. Clear that text box to see all groups in list.


Thanks for your help Larry. Clearing the text box so that I could see all of the vertex groups at once made me very happy! I do have tool tips turned on…and every once in a while they’re actually useful.