Vertex Group

I can’t remove a few vertices from a Vertex Group.
I deselect them with Shift+RightMB. Then all necessary vertices are left. I press Assign. Then I deselect all vertices in a model, press Select (in the Vertex Group) and those vertices which I didn’t assing to the Vertex Group are back there again!
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You have to assign the unwanted vertices to another vertex group

That was a wild guess I assume. A vertex can be a member of many vertex groups!

The opposite of ‘Assign’ is ‘Remove’. So select the vertices and press remove.

:slight_smile: Yes … I guess he wants the vertices assigned anyway to another vertex group.

A second thought tells me that you are right - a vertex can be part of multiple vertex groups, so yes, kornerr have to use remove.

I’ll second that. Vertices can be members of many groups. When you weight paint, or have blender “create vertex groups from nearest bone” you have vertices assigned to multiple groups. “Remove” is the tool to use.