Vertex Groups: Assign an Edge selection

Is it possible to assign edges and save them for later use as you can do with vertices? I have a selection of edges of a very detailed model and when I try to assign it using the Vertex Groups feature, deselect it and then select it again, the information is distorted, because it saved the vertex positions, not the actual edges.

For example when I have two parallel rings of edges and save them, the final selection I would get is faces in between.

How can I specifically save the edges?


I’m not sure why you would want to save edges and not the vertices that make up the edge.
What is it you are ultimately trying to do?

Thanks for your reply, FloridaJo. I wanted to bevel them. If I reselect them, once they have been deselected, it is impossible to bevel them, because all the previous edge information has been lost.