Vertex Groups assignment from Makehuman mesh

I have imported a mesh from Makehuman, and I started creating and assigning vertex groups using the “c” key and choosing the vertices. The problem is that many vertices are missed from the selection and not assigned to a vertex group. I don’t know how to assign every single vertex to form n vertex_groups in a fast way without missing any vertices? Because missing vertices cause me a problem and also it took me hours doing this.

What I want to acheive is to have 26 different vertex groups. So I don’t know how to do this in an accurate way, as I use the ctrl+b and ctrl+c to select vertices and create the 26 different vertex groups but first I don’t know how to do this so that the right side is equal to the left side, for example right hand vertices equals the left hand ones so that they are symmetrical. The second problem is, when I export the vertices using the below script, I find that the some vertices are not assigned to any vertex group and others are assigned to more than one. I also want to link the mesh with the armature and give weight to the different vertex groups. So if anyone could please advise.

If you have seams set on the mesh you can select region of faces between seams while in FACE select mode by hovering mouse cursor above region and hitting L; Shift-L deselects region of FACES.

To mark seam where needed on triangle mesh like this use Ctrl-RMB along the vertex loop - selection will be shortest path between previously selected and current vertex.

I suppose border vertices will be included in both corresponding vertex groups; you could try Ctrl-minus to lesser vertex selection but i don’t see how that’s supposed to work on, say, symmetry line.

could you tell me in detail how to do this? As I’ very confused?

Generally that is - Edit mode, vertex selection; select one vertex, Ctrl mouse click on some vertex on the loop you’d like to select, repeat while whole loop is selected and press w - MarkSeam.

The rest as in previous post.

How to select a certain vertex?
I’m running the below script but it gives “indexerror: bpy_prop_collection[index]: index 0 out of range, size 0” I checked and this is because vertex number 26572 is not assigned to a vertex group. So I want to select vertex 26572 and assign it to an existing group. Can you advise me how to do this?

script used:

import bpy
scn = bpy.context.scene
mesh_obj =
mesh =
vertex_groups = mesh_obj.vertex_groups
labels = [ v.groups[0].group for v in mesh.vertices ]

how to map or connect these vertex groups with the bones in the armature? and when I do ctrl+p (automatic weighting it creates different vertex groups with different names)