Vertex groups help

I found a 3d model of a hand and I’m trying to select the vertices one by one to attach to my rig(yes I did the modifiers thing already). How would I do this without using weight painting? I remember doing this once(I think), and it looks similar to Edit mode. You can also select the vertices yourself if you’d like to.

Help, tuts, and tips would be very great!


hand rig1.blend (244 KB)

You can assign weights to your mesh in edit mode.
In Blender 2.5 Select some vertices go to “object data” tab on the “vertex group” panel select a group, you can change the weight value and click assign to assign this value to these vertices.
Obviously you have to create the vertex groups before doing that (select the mesh, shift select the armature, ctrl+P and chose empty weight if you just want to create the groups with their names)

Be carefull, you have a lot of double vertices in your mesh.