Vertex index

is there a way to make a list of vertex and iD it’s index in the list and location

or may be to select a vertex on a mesh and see it index in the list of vertx for the mesh ?


I’m not sure what you mean by your first question, but for the second all you need to do is access the selected sequence:

me = # some mesh
selectedVertIndexes = me.verts.selected()
for vId in selectedVertIndexes:
    # continue processing, accessing the verts with:
    # me.verts[vId]

the problem is when i do a model i have problem looking at the model in blender and selecting one vertex in edit mode and identifying the Id of that vertex in the mesh

i mean i can see the list on the console with Id and lcoation
but then i have to read most of it to try to identify the ID of the selected Vertex

so i was wondering if there was a faster way then to list on the console all vertex locations!
amd look to find the ID?