vertex keys through getIpo() ?

Hi all,

I would like to add support for facial animation in an exporter…

But what is the proper way to access relative vertex keys in the Python API? That is, suppose I have a mesh, attached to it some RVK channels, how can I get to the Ipo object that represents these vertex keys?

NMesh does not have an getIpo() method like Material…

And calling the getIpo() member of the mesh Object does not return those channels…


if you works with the current cvs compilation :

import  Blender
if OBJECT and OBJECT.getType()=='Mesh':
	print dir(

Oh, directly via the object data… Unfortunately I do not run the latest version from CVS, I am a bit reluctant to recompile Blender every other week. :slight_smile: I guess I have to wait for the next Blender release.

I assume there is no other way, using say v2.37?

Anyway, thanks, this will get me started right away when the next release arrives!

You can get the newest compilations at this address :

Ah, that looks very nice :slight_smile: Now back to coding… Thanks a lot helping me out with this!