Vertex manipulation


I've been trying to use armature to 'bend' a cube in-game, and I've recently been informed that the only way to do that is with Actions.

I think I’ve learned the tricks of the Action Editor, but my actions still do not show up when the game engine is activated.

I don’t think I’ve named my action right. I can see the keys locked into the row named ‘Bone,’ and I’ve given the action a name (test2), but even after locking that action into the Action Actuator in the GE, the desired Action will not take place when I turn on the game engine.
Could someone tell me how to correctly name an action? Thanks a plenty :slight_smile:

a .blend would help us to help you.:wink:

now you can “deform” objects/meshes with “VertexShape keys” too
…but it’s another subject
Have you assign VertexGroups to your bone?
You can name your actions the way you want!
Check and recheck typing errors

Here is a repeat of the instructions I posted last week in response to someone else asking this same question. (They were animating a tentacle, hence the references to “the tentacle mesh”.)

You should also be aware that the object’s physics bounds will not deform with the mesh. So if you are hoping to bend your cube in order to make another object fall of the top of it, for example, you will not be able to do that using this method only.


I’ve been working with this cube as an example–

I know I’m still missing something basic. That cube attempts to use Blendenzo’s method. I’m sorry for not finding your previous thread Blendenzo, but I believe I’m making a different mistake than the one harfager777 made.

OTO, can you tell me if I should set Shape Keys in the ‘Shapes’ box in the Button Window. When I want to key in a shape, should I press ‘I,’ and then ‘Mesh,’ or press the Space bar and then ‘Mesh’ and ‘Insert Keyframe’?

Thanks a ton guys