Vertex moves in opposite direction of mouse movement

I am remodeling teeth from monster teeth to human teeth in edit mode with shape keys. All vertices move like they should but there is one vertex that doesn’t care and moves the other way.

The mouse cursor is not visible but i move the mouse downwards and the vertex moves up. Why is that?

I guess you are moving vertices on the basis shape key while other shape keys that affect those vertices are active; try and temporarily disable the other shape keys during editing the basis.

No I am moving them all on the shape key that is for the transformation. The vertex right next to that one behaves normally.

I don’t know then, perhaps a screen shot of the shape-keys panel could help.

Shapekeys There you go.

are you in local mode or global mode ?

happy bl

I am in Global Mode

Just suggesting what I’d check first: Are your transforms frozen/applied? Are there active scaling/rotation/transforms? It also seems that you’re using a Mirror modifier - I’m wondering if that could be part of the problem …

The problem may be coming from the fact that i moved a bone that is moving the jaw. Sculpting solves the problem i just can’t move some single vertices like the others. Maybe a bug?

then check the weigh for each bone and see of there is interference

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Ugh - well - I can tell you from experience in a number of software packages that editing geometry that’s weighted to a bone is anything BUT predictable. What you would generally do in a situation like that is mute your envelope (XSI terminology) - or somehow disconnect your armature temporarily, edit the geometry, and then re-enable your armature. I’m too new to Blender to know if that’s possible - or even the correct solution.

You could also try (if this is the proper thing to do in Blender) setting the rest position of the bone you moved to the new position - and if you have a mirror modifier on an object with an armature (if that’s even possible) I would think that would be a formula for unpredictable behavoir…

That behaviour you say is not unprdicted. Blender uses the unmoved location of the mesh for transformation. So all you have to do is set the pivot to 3D-cursor then movement will go around that one. The problem i was mentioning is that only single vertices move in the wrong direction. The weighting is on one just for this bone.