Vertex Paint blur / smooth


I’m vertex painting in Blender 2.8 and expected Shift to smooth colors, but it doesn’t. The Blender manual mentions a Blur brush, but I can’t find that among the vertex paint brushes. Is it not implemented in 2.8 yet?


There is a blur brush I can’t rember where but I did see it

Maybe the Blur brush is only available in texture paint mode? I though texture paint and vertex paint tools and options were synchronized a while ago.

it’s in the left hand side at the top (it has a water drop icon)

under the draw tool

Not among the vertex paint mode brushes in the latest 2.8 build:

not there. the other tool bar

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Ah! In the toolbar itself! Yes, found it, thanks! A little bit confusing I must say.

no problem

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you might need to play with the strenth at the top :wink:

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