Vertex Paint Does not Apply - sometimes does


Quick one chaps - when I try and paint something with vertex paint everything goes nicely blue and all but often it does not respond to the vertex paint command. I don’t know what’s happening here, some models respond and some don’t. Any ideas? Is it something to do with an object group, vertex group or a badly set-up modifier? I need some help thanks ;o)

Ok to get through this here’s what you need to do. This is roughly correct I make make a short and sweet tutorial on this one. Don’t want to leave the topic blank just because I have my answers. That’s no use to anyone but me.

Check out the tutorials on making armatures. Make one.

Highlight the bone you want to move so it goes yellow.

Press Ctrl Tab so it goes blue into pose mode.

Right click the character mesh.

Enter Weight Painting in the drop down menu which currently says something like Edit Mode or whatever.

Paint the mesh.

Press tab.

Enter Object mode.

Click your bone and rotate. Watch the mesh deform as it goes.

****Note I’m still having trouble getting away from the parent bone in subordinate bones. Seems I can’t get sub bones to deform the mesh without some weird scaling happened. IK is off too any ideas?

I found the problem. It was caused by several existing armatures which I’d made by mistake.and the sub bone was responding to the position of a bone at the origin I didn’t even know was there!


I mist-typed this title as Vertex Paint it should be Weight Paint. It’d be good to get it changed to help future searchers with similar problems who found the tutorials a bit too in depth sometimes.