Vertex painting incredibly slow, why?

Hi, I’ve created a head sculpture in blender with 12 constant resolution and I’m trying to vertex paint it to get a feel for what it will look like, but blender is so incredibly slow that i can’t paint at all. It doesn’t depend on my brush size, as you can see here I’m using a 2px sized brush and still it lags every stroke for about 2 seconds. What am I doing wrong? You can see the choppy eyebrows.

I’m running it on a ryzen x2700 cpu and gtx670 video card, so I doubt that’s the only issue here. There must be a setting I’m missing. For reference, there’s hardly any lag when I sculpt the shape of the head.

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Your vertex count is too high.

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If you have a subsurf or multires modifier you should disable while painting.

none of that, I really don’t understand what’s the issue. I’m following a tutorial on blender community and he has higher res than me, and he’s on a laptop yet has no issues what so ever.

Hmm, 1.3 million verts is a lot for blender, unfortunately. Are you sure the tutorial has that many? Are you running other cpu intensive apps, or have code that might have leaks?

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Oh waow that is a lot! I had no idea I was using that many verts. I’ll go over a lot of the mesh with the simplify brush and see if I can get better results, thank you!

Btw, do you have any tips on how I could get smoother shading on it even while using less verts?

There has been a lot of auto remeshing/retopology add on and improvemtns lately, there’s one I think it’s called Quad remesher you could look into. I’m not sure on the license.

Personally I retopo myself, and can do a face in maybe 10 or 20 minutes, big chunky ~8 vert loops around eyes, a round mouth (more maybe 12), just using snap tools within blender. depeneding on how intricate the pose need to be I may subdivide partway through. After that, I may use mulrires, but retopology is the natural next step, which adds animation ready topology, a much lower vert count, and using subsurf or multires, a smooth surface,

This is an area that is changing a lot and newer technologies look promising for animating high poly stuff with no retopo step.

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Just 8 loops? Doesn’t that look very chunky for a human face?

I managed to reduce a lot of unnecessary topology around the head and in areas where it won’t be seen, so now I’m roughly down to what the tutorial shows and it works a lot better! Not the cleanest draw lines but it works.

Thanks for the info

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I start with low verts in the loops, and you get good edge flow going, and keep your quads nice and square and evenly distributed, then partway through, or afterwards you subdivide and shrinkwrap (or multires) and you wind up with more verts per loop, and they all retain good flow, and density.

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The character looks awesome!

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Thank you! It’s for a fan-made animation I’m making of a game called Catherine, once i’m done it should look quite a bit like “vincent brooks”. It would be my first time doing any of the likes but I will try my best. I’ve also done the scene where they will be beforehand.

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Because it is bugged or something starting from 2.8, it was way faster in 2.79.

I made a post here: