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Does anyone know of a tutorial for vertex-parents, or can explain it in a few sentences?

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A vertex parent is when an object is parented to the vertex within the mesh rather than to the objects global point. It is useful if , forexample you want to parent an object to the arm of your character which might be moving differently relative to the body - so the object will follow the arm, and not the body.

You can vertex parent in 2 ways:

  1. Select the object you want to parent. Then shift selct the object which is to be the vertex parent. Press Tab. Select the vertex or vertices that are to be gifted with a child. Press ctrl P.


  1. If you already have your vertex/vertices selected but not the child object, you can select the child object without leaving edit mode by CTRL clicking on the object. then press ctrl-P

Hope this helps,


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It helps, and it doesn’t.

I now know what a vertex-parent is, but… I also know that it is exactly what I do not need…

Oh well.

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you can also parent an object to a face. Go into editmode, select the vertices belonging to the face, then select the object with ctrl-leftmouse and say ctrl-Pkey.

could you tell us what you do need??