Vertex Slide

Hi id like to know if this function exist

my alternate method right now im using custom transform orientation for sliding single vertex but id like to know if there is separate function similar to edge slide for quicker sliding

thank you very much for answer

Look’s like there is a function for vertex slide.
This link will take you to the blender wiki page :

Hope i’ve helped :wink:


Select vertex and use menu Mesh / Vertices / Slide or
Select vertex then Ctrl+V / Slide or
Select vertex and use shortcut Shift+V or
Select vertex and use shortcut GG

Try Shift-V.

As a reminder: Ctrl+E, Ctrl+V and Ctrl+F will open the context menues for edges, vertices or faces. If in doubt, you can find most of the “special” functions for the corresponding component types there.

Man, that guy is fast!

thank you for answers problem solve