Vertex Weight Selection Problem in Edit mode (urgently need help)


Im having a serious issue with using vertex weight paint maps for selection, Im using the vertex weight edit modifier to make vertex weight selections maps from image which works for vertex group selections with other modifiers like displace and even the particle tools. But under Edit mode for mesh the vertex group doesn’t work for vertex/Face sselection like it should.

I have no idea why, it should work. It’s just a weight map. Please watch the video that illustrates the problem.



The problem is that you assigned the entire mesh to the vertex group, even with zero weight, it still part of the group. When you paint things, it adds them to the group dynamically.

The quickest workaround I have found is to zoom in to your mesh, select one of the vertices you know is in your rock group and press shift+g and select vertex group.

It’s a bit hacky, and I agree, there should be a way to select by a threshold of the weight. I’ll keep looking around, but that is the first way I found to do what you’re looking for.

If you look at the N panel of the viewport, there should be a Vertex Weight tab where you can see the weight values for active vertex; there you should see that every vertex has at least a value of 0.0 in the Weightmapfromimage group, that is, it is assigned with a 0 value.

To fix this you can make use of the Clean command in the Weigh tools of the Tool Shelf.


Vertices can be members of a vertex group with 0 weight. Selecting a vertex group is a binary action; it doesn’t care how much weight a vertex has, only whether or not it is a member of the group. At the beginning of your mapping process you assigned the entire mesh to that vertex group, then you used the map to designate the weights within that group. Your map did not dictate membership in the group, only weight. You would have to use the Clean button in weight paint mode to remove 0 weights from the group entirely.

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Vheers SterlingRoth, Works great. Then once selected in edit mode i can just create a new vertex group un the object’s panel and assign selection to the new group. Appreciated Bud, Cheers.

Also cheers all other peeps with the clean technique within the wight tool, both ways work great. Many thatnks and sorry if posted in wrong place. :slight_smile:

@3dLuver: No problem!

@paulo & k horseman: Thanks for the tip on the clean command, I didn’t know how that one worked.

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