Vertically tall images in thread thumbs

I noticed something when viewing the WIP or Gallery forums and thread thumbnails. There doesn’t seem to be any limit or cropping of the vertical height. This could be easily be exploited so that a single thread takes up an entire page when viewing the forum listing. (So far don’t see anyone with mischievious intent purposely doing that, but it’s noticable in how it affects layout.)

Ok, so you can scroll as it doesn’t affect total thread count in the listing, but perceptually somebody could easily dominate the thread listings, and a site viewer would be scrolling and scrolling until seeing the next thread. I don’t think that’s a good thing.

Site admins might want to fix that. I’d suggest having limits on thumbnail height. I don’t think punitive rules are needed (as it would be a pain to enforce), just if an image exceeds the a certain height either automatically downscaling or cropping the generated thumbnail to help preserve layout when looking through forum listings.

If it became a real problem, I could see that being a serious consideration that needs to be made, but a quick look at the art forums do not seem to show it being even close to epidemic proportions.

In a way, I don’t think it’s quite as big a deal as say horizontal clipping, as websites in general are designed with vertical layouts.

I guess it’ll be all fine and dandy until somebody models a space elevator or cutaway vertical mineshaft and wants to present the whole thing in ortho view. But still I think images should be limited in aspect ratio something like 1:3 at the most.