vertice editing orbiting 3d curser

I’m very new to blender and I’m working through a few different manuals and tutorials that I have found online. I’m working on putting together my first model and Im doing alright on the body portion and now that Im considering working on the head I have a question.

Is there a way to edit vertices in relation the the position of the 3d curser.

What I want to do is put the 3d curser in the middle of a sphere and grab the individual vertices and manipulate them in relation the curser. In effect I would be moving the vertices around the sphere without losing the sphere shape of the mesh. at-least for the most part. Sort of like the vertice was in orbit around the curser. I would also like to scale and grab and move vertices inward or outward toward the cursor. Does this make sense?

If this is a possibility I will be very happy with blender : ) *not that I’m not already!

I’m sure there is a solution that I have so noobishly overlooked…

In the tool bar at the bottom of the 3d window change the pivot to 3d cursor.

Cool… Is there anyway to restrict movement to a orbital axis? or just keep the vertice a certain distance from the 3d curser wile moving it? Im gussing this would envolve the numeric entry? If there is a way to do this otherwise that would be great!

ooops : ( I answered my own question again. I wasn’t using the rotation mod to move the vertices. Grab wasn’t giving the me results I was looking for. Thanks guys : ) like I susspected … noobishly simple solution as always.