Vertices all pulled down together in Blender 2.82


I’m using Blender 2.82 and I was following Blender Guru’s tutorial about making the drooping icing on donut.


I thought I had followed every steps, but when it comes to pulling the icing vertices down., I managed to pull all the vertices down together. The vertices were not snapped to the mesh. Please kindly advise,

I have already set the settings.

Thank you.

Not sure I quite understand - but I’m guessing it’s because you have proportional editing on. Press O to toggle it on or off. Or referring to your images above (the last one), click on the little circle target shape next to the snapping panel.

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The white circle is the proportional editing’s area of influence. Just use the mouse wheel to make that area of influence smaller when you pull it down.

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Thanks, that works!