Vertices in center split

I just noticed that my vertices won’t clip together when I enable the subdivision modifier (catmull-clark, with simple its okay)
Can I somehow fix this? I also can’t merge them, so that doesn’t work.


Are you using Mirror modifier? If so, place it above Subdivision

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I am using the mirror modifier, it worked. Thankyou so much!

Oh wait, I placed the mirror above subdivision, but now it creates weird shadowy places.

Hmmm, I see lots of N-gons and weird topology - they might be the cause of these issues, but I’m not 100% sure

it might be the weird topology, since this is my first time really making such a thing. I’ll try and fix it. thankyou.

Try to keep it in quads (and occasional tris if it can’t be avoided). As I understand, n-gons tend to do bad things to subdivision