vertices issue and gaps with mesh. Help!

Hey guys, Working on my very first model, so i’m still a bit unfamiliar with the program (If anyone is willing to help me over an instant messanger, i’d be very appreciative!)

The issue was that I ahd a ton of triangles in this area, and finally I was able to fix it up, however the continuity really crapped out on me here, not sure if that is an issue. The quad I have going seems a bit out of place still.


Make sure it is not a concave face. Try to get all the verts flat on each other. Other than that, I don’t exactly know what is wrong. Mind sharing the .blend file?

It looks like you have intersecting faces.
But I’m not to share, I’d share the blend.
They might be triangles, theres an option in the select menu to select all triangles.
You might also want to try the Select Non-Manifold as well. (This selects verts/edges/faces, which aren’t connected to anything.