Vertices not accessible

Hello to all,

I place a cube on the scene and I apply a Subdivsion modifier to it, it works but I don’t have access to the vertices (blue arrow on the picture).
I precise that I am in edit mode.

Waiting for a precious help.


Hi. You need to apply your modifier.

If you want to be able to edit some of your vertices while having a subdivision modifier, I’d suggest using the Multiresolution modifier instead.

Turn this button on on your Subdiv modifier (the blue one on the very left:

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Maybe one more :wink: :

  • you added the Subdivision Surface modifier and didn’t apllied it yet
  • the vertices of you mesh are shown as is / or modified by the Display Modifiers
  • the modifier generated inbetween vertices aren’t editable until
  • you applied the modifer to make/generate/instance the generate geometry

One more, because knowledge is power. :wink:

That little triangle with verts button is called “Show on Cage”. A Subsurf modifier when not yet applied isn’t “real” yet, which is why you can’t immediately edit those vertices; it’s just showing you what it projects the object will look like when you apply the modifier.

Show on Cage lets you edit those verts as if they were real. Kinda sorta. But it’s still not entirely real which means you’re still basically editing original data and that can have unpredictable results. Don’t do this if precision matters to you. It will also slow things down a lot because Blender doesn’t have proper positions for those vertices, with each twitch of your cursor while moving it has to calculate the new position of that vertex plus the position of adjacent vertices taking the SubDiv modifier into account.

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