Verticies almost invisible


I just godt Fedore core 6 64 bit installed. I just installed Blender and started working. I switched to edit mode and thought i was in border mode, but i wasn’t. the verticies only show as small dots as if the vertex size were set to 1.
Any got an idea how to fix this?

Best regards Mariolink

A complete guess but try to lower the screen resolution.

Didn’t work… still the same

Try to look at my attachment. Hope u see what I mean.


you could just zoom in on the one view…or did i misunderstand your question?

You could try changing Vertex Size in the User Preferences:

Open the User Preferences window. Select the Themes button.
Open the upper menu in the 2nd column, select 3D View.
In the menu under that, select Vertex Size. Set a larger value with the slider.
A different vertex color might help too.

The vertex size is set to 5 which I already kno how to do. No zooming wont help either as the vertexes doesn’t scale as objects when u zoom.

EDIT: added another attachment to show how small the verteces/face dots are


I used to have it so that when I selected a vertex the colour of the selected vertex would bleed partly along the wire frame thus making it much more visible - unfortunately I can’t see how to do this now; if anyone knows how to do this it might help.

The other thing you might try is not to install from the FC repositories but to simply unzip the tar file from - I find that in Ubuntu Blender works much faster when installed this way, it may sort you vertex problem.

irony u’re talking about “draw edges” under editing buttons…but sorry i don’t know what the problem is

Thanks theblenderboy - I’ve been looking for that for ages!!

Irony… When i unzip the blender files is would start. Then i used the terminal and it said that it needed a lib… installed that needed a new… yet again i installed the 3rd lib and a 4th came… Could not get the 4th installed as the blender I downloaded is a 32 bit version and the lib that was installed was a 64 bit… so if there is a way to get those libs plz tell me.

Press CTRL+TAB and press vertices…are you sure you’re already in vertice view? It looks like you’re in edge select.

He said he was in vertice select mode…and the first pic is in vertice select mode.

Look at my image where my tire is at the header… vertex select mode :wink: