Very basic question about a hot key to create a slice to a cube with a numpad.

I attempting to create notches (as show in the first picture below ) by using two cubes : a normal cube and a rounded cube (second picture below) while following a video tutorial. I selected both cubes with the “Shift Key” and use the hot key “Control + Numpad ( / or + )” to slice the cube, (second picture). However, I noticed that “/ and +” on the pad didn’t work, so I tried turning on “Emulate Numpad” in the Blender preference, but the hot key still did not work.
Do you have any ideas on how to solve this issue?

Reference video:

Blender version: 3.4.1
Mac OS version: Catalina

Press your Num Lock key

Do you have Booltool active ( included in add-ons) ?
That is the hotkey for it.


Sorry! I’m a very beginner at Blender. What is Booltool active ( included in add-ons)?

Booltool is an addon for using Boolean operations like < Union, Difference, slice .etc.

It ships in Blender and is free…go to top bar > Edit, Preferences, > then select addons tab.
In the search box on the top bar, type Bool and you should see it appear below.

Click the check box to activate it…if you use the dropdown in there, it will show you the Shortcuts that you were trying to use…

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Thank you for teaching that! I finally made it.:sob:

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I apologize for bothering you. :sweat:I would like to create a sliced cube with the plate, as shown in the first picture below. However, after adding more modifiers to the sliced cube with the curbed cube (second picture), the plate disappeared (third picture). If you have any ideas to solve this issue, I greatly appreciate it. :palms_up_together:

Usually, it is because the boolean modifier for the first slice wasn’t applied…
The small cut-out section has a boolean modifier that has to be applied before the second slice on the top can work…