Very Confused Newb

Hi Everybody,
I just got blender a couple days ago and LOVE IT! I’v e been doing all sorts of tutorials but the latest one is a game tutorial (
I am at the end of the first level but when i start the game engine the camer just starts going up untill i quit the engine. Is there some setting i put on or something? I’ve done everything according to the tutorial so i’m really confused.
Any help appericiated

(Also, do you know of a tutorial that can give me a rundown of how to make games? Or just how you learned)

I don’t know exactly what your problem is, because I can’t see the file. Please provide a link to your game so I can see what’s amuck. To answer your second question, you learn games, at least, I did, through looking at other people’s games and expirementing and stuff. That’s how I learned blender, at least.

I used the same tutorial about a year ago, it worked fine for me, maybe you’re using a out of date blender?Or it could be that your motion are in the wrong box, hard to explain but try using the first box or the last box instead of the middle box :wink:

Anybody know where i can put the file so people can get it?

I suggest getting a account (free account) on walagata ( it only allows 5mb but the speed and upload is pretty good :slight_smile:

Another one you could use is rapidshare ( you can upload 50mb per file and you don’t need a account but it has tickets that take about 1 minute each download :expressionless: and the speed is slower.

Ok, here’s the link - nick/Maze.blend1.blend

Wow, you’ve got alot of problems on that file! :o

So first off, press “home” on your keyboard, this should make things easier for your viewing, next, turn dynamic off the maze %| Now make 4 “and” Controllers, with each keyboard sensor connected to 1 each, then change the decimal place on the right arrow and down arrow motion actuators because they should be 20.00 when they are 00.20 right now.

Move the camera behind the sphere then parent the camera to the sphere and tada, it works fine! :smiley:

Heres the file updated to how it should be, I also added slow parent to the camera so it doesn’t look like that maze is moving instead of the ball/

I downloaded the file…

The camera isn’t going up - everything else is going down! For some reason, you have the dynamic physics turned on for the maze itself. This should not be… Only the actors that get physics calculations get the physics… This is why everything but the camera is falling. The maze is set so that gravity will pull it down. The solution: Under the game buttons, you see actor and dynamic. Turn off the dynamic button. The ground stays fixed, while the actor gets pulled down by gravity… Hope this helps!


Man, everytime today I’ve went to answer a question, someone posts the answer just before I finish! oh well! :wink:


Wow, thanks. I would have never figured that stuff out :smiley: Now to the 2nd Level (I’ll post my final result when i’m done :wink: ) Thanks

Haha, I think thats the second time I beat you to it :stuck_out_tongue: but what you said was true too.

Keep up the good hard work Dr Nick, you are alot like me when I first started :stuck_out_tongue: I checked out your profile and we have alot in common too.

Cool, Canadas awsome. Im stuck in America :-p Hey, is that ur real fice or just a random one you used (even if it isn’t your real face thats still the face i’ll put to you. First immpressions)

Oh THAT tutorial… shudders when I first started using blender I used that tut and it confused the HECK out of me! I applaud the fact that you’ve gotten this far! :smiley:

Well, It was pretty difficult taking in typoes, missing/added words and the fact that it just wasn’t written very good. Although the pictures helped a lot so i guess it’s got that going for it but other than that, not much (But i made my first game! :slight_smile: nick/Happy_Maze.blend (just copy-paste url; link’s not working cuz of space) )

Yes that is my face, it was taken 2 years ago, but now my hair is longer, I still have the classes though :slight_smile:

Also good job with the game :slight_smile: I zipped through the first level but at level 2 I went straight again but couldn’t get past the wall and kinda had me confused for a couple seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have msn, I could help you out alot, just pm me :wink:

Yes, i have MSN installed but don’t have a SN yet but i’ll PM you when i get one. I have a question on the maze. Is there a way i can color parts of i one color and parts annother? I’m working on annother little game right now but i don’t know UV mapping yet. Is there a way i can do this or do i have to learn to map?

Also, whats the difference between an ICOSphere and a UVSphere?

Iconosphere is more edgy, and more pointy. But, it’s less polygons.

For UV mapping, at the bottom left hand corner of the 3D window, there’s a picture of overlapping lines. If you click this and select UV, (the face), you will be able to use UV mapping. Just upload an image. Select the faces you want to map, load an image, and press U to map it to your preferences.