Very first post with picture of project

This is my first time posting. Here is my project i’ve been working on. Please give me some opinions. Oh and if the picture does not show, then please tell me how to fix this cause I dont know how:p

first of all, we cant see it (obviously) because it’s on Your hard drive… post it at:


secondly, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

  • Kroni

ok fixed it

wow, great for a first project!!

Indeed, excellent first post! What did you use to model the trees?

well for the trees I used the gen3 script. It’s pretty easy too use. Everything else was made by me.
Thanks for the replies:D

I am getting gen3 right now. That looks well cool.

Does anyone know how to make some good sun rays. i want to get that effect through the trees.
Also, if anyone has any ideas on what I should add or tweek to make it look more realistic please tell.:stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent project indeed, it has a nice feel to it.

I have a couple of crits though for realism purposes. In a scene like that I don’t think the water looks very natural being blue, it should be a mixture of reflections around the scene (trees, mainly from the angle of viewing) and a with a brown-ish tint (as it is right next to what appears to be a muddy bank, which you would be able to see through the water). Also the light source, according to how the clouds are lit, should be either on the left or somewhere slightly left of centre above the actual image, casting shadows to the right and forwards, yet the trees seem to be equally lit from all angles. It does depend on where the ‘sun’ would be positioned though, but some deep moody shadows would really bring this scene to life and add alot of extra realism.

Other than these small nitpicks, it is indeed a very smart looking project.