Very Frustrating loop cut selection glitch.

I am new although i am almost positive this is not a user error. I am using a macbook pro working through the Intro to Character Modeling Tutorial on Blender Cookie and am unable to select an entire loop cut by pressing alt + right click, lasso select or box select. Instead i get a result of fragmented selection, selecting some edges and vertices but clearly not connected and very difficult to manipulate. Don’t get me wrong alt + right click works on 90 percent of the loop cuts on the model This is the third time i have tried working through this tutorial and every time i get to the section of the inside of the legs it does this. The first time it happened I was using blender 2.64a and i thought it might be that so i replaced it with 2.65a. The same problem persists. I also was working the tutorial side by side with friend who owns a dell and was using version 2.5 and he had no such problems. I have provided pictures of what happens when i alt+ r click in 2 different places on the line, if it is not good enough please let me know what could help. Thank you so much for reading this, and i really hope you can help. Is it the macbook?

Check for any faces inside your mesh, if you have, delete them.
Check you haven’t duplicated vertices in error. Select all vertices (A) and remove doubles (W / remove doubles)

You fixed it! thank you sooooo much, i really reallly appreciate your help.