Very simple Blur

I have a small request, I need a very simple 2D Filter. It should be controlled by a property, and blur the entire view. Can someone please write this? I am bad at coding :smiley:

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You’re right, pretty simple.

Properties are automatically assigned to uniforms in the shader, so that’s easy.

I did here, it’s a simple box blur controlled by two properties.
Amount is how many pixels to blur in all 4 directions.
Multiplier is how for to get each pixel from.

Then now’s the time to start coding, because it’s really fun. :wink:


2dfilter_boxblur.blend (510 KB)

Hey, I was needing just this: very simple blur… but this FX darken the image. Why and how should I avoid that?

Moguri fixed the code. The last line must be:

gl_FragColor = sum / pow(amount * 2 + 1, 2);

Thank you for the code!