Very simple question, how to display vertical menus?

I am completely new to Blender.
I was following a tutorial on YT to use Substance 3D.

It says the Substance menu should appear in vertical menu bar on right.
Well, there is no vertical menu bar on the right showing up.
So of course, neither will Substance menu button show up either.
How do I get this vertical menu bar to show up?

i guess you have not installed the addon yet.

No that is not the problem, the addon was installed, and shows up in addons list.
The whole vertical menu is simply not there.

Here is screen cap of Blender on my pc, the vertical menu does not exist.
I googled, and could find no info on how to display it.

In original post, I show the vertical menu, that is in the YT video.
This vertical menu does not show up when I run Blender.
I googled, and could not find out how to display it, or get it to show.
(below is repost of screen cap of vertical menu in the YT video)


the so called N-Panel is hidden,

press in Viewport n

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I googled and google…I didn’t find this anywhere.

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good to know
that google also does not know everything

on the other side by the way, is the t-panel press t
just in case .