VFX and Motion Tracking

In this particular artwork, I used Blender to model the car, followed by simulating fire and smoke. This scene was then motion tracked into another scene that I recorded with my camera inside of Adobe After Effects. The most tedious work that I happen to come over is the simulation part that took me almost 6 to 7 hours to render and the second thing was to motion track the scene inside After Effects that required a lot of attention to align the perspective and projecting the shadows accurately on the ground plane. Since, it is my first time doing this amount of VFX work so it was quite anticipated to turn out to be not-so-impressive, but nevertheless, I am quite happy on my final result. You can check out the whole clip by going to the aforementioned Link.


This is so cool! Awesome job!!

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Thank You Very Much Man! It really means a lot to me.