Vfx car explosion

well not really an explosion, more of a bursting into flames but oh well!

so, i originally tried to do something with after effects, but as that is a stupidly complicated, un-intuitive, RAM hogging piece of garbage, i decided to have a go with blender, but not being able to figure out how to attach my stock footage into the scene and have it track to the background layer, I decided to try using the smoke+fire sim and here is my result :smiley:

a few extra notes:
the original footage was filmed on a samsung galaxy ace II which has the worst camera a phone has seen since 1991.
filmed at 640x480 and subsequently corrupted by trying to work with it in AE. (there is a portion of the footage that skips back to the first frame for 4 frames before resuming). Blender still managed to track it with a .06 solve error!

and i know it would look better it there were reflections on the surroundings but i havn’t figured that part out yet.
oh, and i hate my boss so you can all look forward to more vindictive filming in the near future :smiley:

I think the blending needs some work. The fire still looks way too much like it was just placed on top. You make have to do some masking and use a few mix nodes and color correction to get it right :slight_smile: altogether it’s pretty good, and with a little improvement and debris it could be great!

thanks, yes, originally i had the collision object rendered out as a mask layer, but i had trouble getting the flames to go around the outside of the mask in certain areas so i re rendered it with the roof section missing so only the car body was masked. i could use a proper curve mask but i have no idea how to use them yet. i did think of adding some flying particles but by this time i had been working it for the past 3 days (stupid after effects :frowning: ) and just wanted to see my bosses car in flames :smiley:

it doesn’t help that the whole effect jumps away half way through. but i plan to film some more of my bosses car later so i can put these suggestions into place.

Something that could be helpful is to use a car model similar to the one you’re blowing up.

good idea, i think there is a mini on blend swap. i’ll have a look there