VFX compositing help! I need tips...

Hello everyone! I was wondering what I can do to make this look more realistic?
I am working on a flight animation test and I want to make the plane fit in and look like it is actually in this scene.

I already did some compositing but I don’t think it looks as realistic as it probably could look if I used something… What am I missing?

any help or tips I would highly appreciate!


Try matching the black points and white points of the 3D image to the back ground image. Also try to do a lightwrap to the plane so that background can appears to be closing in on the edges. Bounce light and reflections from under plane of the ground can help to. Match your plane lighting to the sky light a little more also.

Just my 2 cents.

Okay thanks man!! that helps a lot.

Rotors need more blur too…

not sure about light wrap as it is a front lit scene. But definitely needs some more ground bounce/ambient. If this is animated then remember to add variation to the aircraft’s flight, to many times the tracking seems to lock down on the thing flying when it should be drifting in frame in all directions (including Z).

Don’t forget to add some film grain to match the background matte.

And a close inspection shows edge enhancement along the tree line (high contrast edge with the sky), also some color fringing along edges too.

Thank you so much!!!

Thank you so much!!! you all are very helpful!

Awesome! looks good! thank you!

Hey if you’ve got a aWIP thread post the link so that we can follow along!

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An easy way to fake the motion blur is render a head-on shot of the propeller against a white background. Then take it into Photoshop and apply some Radial Blur. Apply it to a mesh, and in the Texture settings, set the Influence:Blend setting to Multiply. The white area will disappear.

I exaggerated the right side of the pic below to show that the cylinder mesh has some thickness to it.

Steve S

Good point Steve S, the other benefit is that you can easily change the blur amount to taste, without a big render hit. Infact you could even perform it as a compositing pass on a UV plane.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Steve s that thick bent surface is very clever. The flat disc I have used in the past never looked as good as the original geometry. Good solution.