VFX compositing multi real shot

Hi, I work on a VFX project and I wonder witch method would be the best and if it’s possible to do it with blender. They going dolong sequence shot, the camera is going to enter in a room by the door and get out of this room through another door. But the thing is, throuth that second door you enter in a different room shot somewhere else. So I ges I will have to track the first and second room and maybe use camera projection to get some paralax… I dont realy know but I want to do it in blender if possible. If someone have any idea on how to do this tricks I will help me a lot. Thx

What you need is aligned camera paths for both rooms so that camera can move seamlessly. As it is very hard to do on set without motion control, you must recreate part of camera movement digitally to connect the two shots.

As the camera moves through the door, you have the advantage of only having to recreate the part of second room that is seen through the doorway. You must model the room in enough detail to get the amount of parallax necessary to sell the shot. And it depends a lot on what exactly is in the other room.

After you have tracked both shots and modeled the second room, texture it using projection painting: project the shot frames through tracked camera onto the geo and paint enough geometry to cover the whole range of movement when second room is seen. Then it is just the matter of connecting tracked camera paths and manually adjusting the join. With this new camera render out the cg room up to the frames where the actual footage takes over. You probably need to massage the render and fade it onto actual footage in sections.

The hard part is the tools. To get this kind of job done you need solid tools for projecting images from camera to geometry UV layout, painting, cloning and compositing. It can be done in Blender, but is not the easiest endeavour by far. I would rather suggest using Nuke noncommercial if licence allows, or Fusion.

All right thx a lot it realy is a precise answere and I get the picture know. I will run some little test to get a idea and be sure it’s looking belivable. For the tools and software I start to lear fusion but in i think for projection and geaomtry recreation all of that a simplier in blender if you already know the software…I will see what’s best. Thx a lot