VFX profesional artist looking to help making awesome movies or animation

Hi people!. Im a cg artist who works full time in vfx. I work mainly maya but Im a huge blender nerd and I really have much more fun making projects in Blender. Im here to ask if anyone may need help or need a 3d artist to work in any cool vfx or animation projects. I can lend you a hand anytime, I just really want to get to create cool stuff more with blender and ditch maya. I do modeling, texturing rendering rigging ect. Full pack and also I can work with compositing in fusion or nuke!
If you don not have a project but you may want to colab in the future,ping me aswell. Im also looking to conect in the blender comunity more to see if I can get to know people as 3d nerdy as me to create cool stuff and have fun!

you can contact me here or on my personal website:



Also known as k…6 ??

If yes..

…then tell the people… ( via Preferences → Profile ) :wink:

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oh! Didn´t know about this! i think i did it right! thanks for the advice

And i could have sworn that your username wasn’t @Kendal316 (like on YT and ArtStation)… when i read this before… :grin: :eyeglasses: ( i saw only Irene AL …before you changed this )… but i actually found you with this info alone… ( okay… i added “VFX” for better results )

:+1: for your YT vfx 2020/21 reel

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i see! :grin: yes im very new here i need to get used to adding my full info XD

I’m not new… but it seems to be that a have to read a little better :wink:

Hello. Are you still available? I have a project.

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Hey sorry for the late response, like really late response i kand let this thread die a bit but we can colab if you want

Hey pretty cool reel !! Keep up the good work !

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