vfx robot short film updates

k now i have finished the “blue” robot model. now i just have to do the other one. i dont have a name for this movie yet but ill have updates and stuff in this thread. just have to come up with a script do the second model animate composite edit all that fun stuff just for me:no: textures are from cgtextures.com and the bricks are from google images. any ideas of what the next robot thing will look like? cause these two have to battle and they need to look different. its all probably really confusing right now cause noone really knows the whole plot but it should all work out. so ya any one got ideas comments suggestions?

how do you upload the full res of the image? well here is the not full res its like less than half


Click on the image.

I like to use circles and spheres when I make robots.

Like this one http://blenderartists.org/forum/showpost.php?p=1022276&postcount=7

no there is a upload res limit and i have seen posts where its over the limit my pic is 1920 by 1080

and i wouldnt really call it a robot just something of that nature i guess.

nevermind heres the full reshttp://img16.imageshack.us/img16/5567/blueactionstance.jpg

hello? anybody?

K i have finished the body of the second robot and i guess its name will be “rust”. did it in about 20 min.


is anyone gonna reply to me? well at least it is getting viewed. got the body legs and feet done. just have to think of what the arms hands and head will look like


Not getting any replies is something you’ll have to get used to around here. I rarely get any replies when I post images. My current theory is that I’m in bland valley, not good enough to spark an interest, not bad enough that people take pity and try to advise.

Maybe you’re in that valley too.

…and I prefer pictures that will fit on the screen, which is 1024x768 in the case of my 12" laptop.

it sucks

ya i didnt know it would do that. i thought it would be small and you could click it.

Ilike the style, they look like cut up pieces of paper. There’s a reply :slight_smile:

thanks type some more stuff cause just saying thanks isnt long enough


got both finished. well not completely.


I think it would be more beleivable if there was something holding all of the parts together…

Besides that, they should be colored differently or be very different for any kind of action sequence.

well the idea was that they have those plates between the spaces(black with the red dots) thats what connects them together. i just havent done it on the left ones arm

That’s how I feel.
I’m just a older teen who has invested some time,
not some person who did this as a job or was in the industry who can whip up things and not spend time learning.