VIAJERO - 2D Platform game in BGE

Hi! my name is Pablo Lizardo and I would like to present our game prototype.
The game is called Viajero (means Traveller). It born from a series of illustrations I made a few months ago.
We start doing this prototype for testing only, but now we are looking forward to get this game done (even if it take long time)
The game is a platform 2d game, with physics , and puzzles (we love Graphics Adventures and games like Limbo and Machinarium)
So, enough talk for the moment, I’ll post some concepts, videos and ilustrations.
I hope you guys like it, and if not I will wait for your critics/comments/suggestions.

more info


Wow this is a very intriguing project. I love the atmosphere you’ve created and the art work is fantastic. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

Looking really good! keep it up, buena suerte!

I cannot get more done in these last days. Only I fix some things related with the player controls and add little features.
In this video you can see some of them.

I upload some sketches for the background and elements too.

Best blender game of 2013…

I like many of the elements of the game. The backgrounds and the character are both delightful.
There is some sliding with the player when he stops moving, and the way he is shaded means he is darker when facing left than right (I think). But it looks like it is going well already.

Good Luck, and keep up the energy!

Wow! I saw this concept earlier… I think it was on Libre Graphics World… and I remember how amazed I was at the art style and design. I absolutely love the way this game looks, animations and everything, its very atmospheric! I wish you the best of luck! If you need alpha funding (and support Linux) then I’m in! :slight_smile:

I found the article over at LGW

@led, thanks! I’ll feel fine with just having a playable demo in a few months, but don’t expect too much, It’s going to be a simple game.
@Smoking_mirror thanks! I have to work on both things. I cannot find the way to remove the sliding but keeping the linear acceleration (for walk and run) :confused: any idea? About the shading, is true, have to fix that too! :smiley:
@gunnarflax Thanks too!!! Do you believe that it’s possible to get founds from alphafounding? I’m looking for indiegogo , what do you think?
Well, a short post for now: The loading scene:

To fix the sliding, try increasing your translation damping on the character in the physics menu. Don’t put it all the way to 1, just to like .999. It might help fix it.

thanks zymn! I’m gonna try it soon!

@pablos, frankly I don’t know what would be the best way to implement alpha funding. Many indies just use paypal/their own implementation. Indiegogo could get yourself some good publicity though as long as you are realistic and provide a good project page (and lots of that delicious artwork). I think Desura has built in alpha-funding, just as Steam’s new “early access” concept. Unfortunately isn’t Desura as relevant any longer and it’s pretty hard to get on steam, you must have a well developed, playable, version for that.

Vaya, Pablo, me ha encantado.
Yo también estaba pensando en hacer un pequeño juego llamado El Viajero, también en 2D, pero más de Puzzle.
Y como he visto que a ti se te da bien esto, me gustaría proponerte: ¿te gustaría hecharme una mano en mi pequeño juego, ya sea como diseñador o programador (siendo esto último lo que más me hace falta)? Si quieres entrar en contacto conmigo, pegarme un grito a:
[email protected] o envíame un mensaje privado
Como es un juego muy pequeño e Indie, y estamos llevándo a cabo en mi equipo un proyecto mucho más grande (que puedes seguir en, trabajaríamos a tiempo parcial. Lo haríamos como hobby, para romper la rutina diaria. Una cosa pequeña, para que nos podamos dedicar cada uno a nuestros proyectos individuales.
¿Qué me dices? ¿Te animas? Si tienes alguna pregunta, no dudes en hacérmela.