Vial of liquid

This is my first major render. I used LuxRender and let it go for about 2 hours… And thats pretty much it :p!
Please give meh some reviews:D

it’s still a bit noisy, but other than that it’s pretty photo-realistic and good looking.

you might want to make it more interesting, maybe add a background of a lab or a wizards table.

Im still learning about LuxRender, but how do you reduce the noise? I see people talk about it every now and then.

You can use GreyCstoration within Luxrender or get rid of the noise in post pro using GIMP or PS or other programs such as NeatImage (Windows but runs in WINE for Linux users). Personally, I would use GMIC in GIMP and use anisotropic smoothing to reduce noise. Otherwise I would use NeatImage as it really is an excellent bit of kit.

also to reduce the noise just let it go on for longer… Sometimes just let it go over night or while your at work/school.

photorealistic awesomeness…wouldnt wanna drink it though :smiley:

Well I let it run over night and while I was at school and this white band appeared. Any ideas on what it is and how to fix it?