Victor varga logo


I did this recently for a friend of mine meant to be used as a logo for his music-creations. It’s probably going to be animated later on for the purpose of some kind of music video.

Let me know what you think of it in terms of modeling, texturing and composition. I want to improve it as much as possible since many people is going to look at it while listening to the music and therefore affect how my friend´s music is presented.

Thank you

looking good. Only crits are that words “victor varga” were a little unclear at first, and those bluish highlights on the bars in the edges should either be lowered or removed.

I sound harsher that i intend to be; it’s a great image. has your friend looked at it?

Thank you for your crit sam!

The readability of the text is actually my biggest concern but since the musicvideo will probably be up on YouTube or myspace, people can read that it’s victor varga that has done it and connect this to the text. But I would love to hear alternative ways to do the T and the R.

The blue edge is caused by lens distortion and I will turn it down a bit.

My friend took a look and really liked it, though he had a slight issue with the text as said but it works.

Hi John,
a little bit notes: (just personal opinions)
mind to divide the image into 3 parts vertically:

  • 1°/3 is practically empty :frowning:
  • 2°/3 is the logo itself: it’s planar! no deep. (and the “T” looks like too much the “I”)
  • 3°/3 pretty good, with some chromatic aberration on the shadowed faces, but not important (i mind to place a little bit upper the logo reflection, to show it more
    nice work.

thank you for commenting aperrone

Well, I can lower the camera to move the text up a bit and I will also include som information somewhere at the top part of the musicvideo to fill it up.
The text itself I will probably extrude to make it look like boxes with lamps inside them.
I just can’t figure out how to redo the T, my friend wants to keep the style of the text so I can’t find another sollution really.

Will do some tests and see how it looks :slight_smile:

you’d have (but not necessary) to make less similar I & T characters… obviously keeping text style (i like it)

Perhaps you could slightly increase the size of the in-between bits of the letters. For instance the “hole” in the “O” is essentially a rectangle, if you increased the width of all those “rectangles” you might be able to increase read-ability while still maintaining the look of the font. Just an idea, it’s the sort of thing you’d have to see to see if it works.

My only other comment is that the letters look like they are casting white light, but the reflections beneath them look purple. I’d imagine that they should be just as blown out white looking. Was the “blown out white” look a post process effect? That would explain why it didn’t get applied to the reflection.

any updates john_9998?

Sorry for not updating the thread, I’ve been working on an other project until now which has taken a lot of effort. Though, it’s recently finished and my hope is to be able to return to this as soon as possible.

Haha, well it was a while ago since I updated this thread nut now I finally have some progress!
This is the intro to the music-video and the rest of it, for now, will simply be that the “sticks” continue to vibrate.

I don’t expect any comments, I’m just doing this to finish off the thread :slight_smile:


I think includes 3 things - the logo itself , the sound and the animator.

@SEO SErvices Au: Well I have not come far enough to add sound to it since we have to sync the “sticks” to the music which will take some time.

@turquoiserabbit: Sorry that it took half a year to reply but… That is a good tip! I’ve actually changed the size quite a lot and the wider they are, the better! The pink reflection is on purpose, I just played around with the reflection settings and found that it looked kinda cool, and therefore I kept it :slight_smile: