Victorian Hansom Cab

Hi all. I’m pretty much new here. I’ve been using Blender for a short while now, over 3D Studio Max since returning to Computer Graphics, after a period of rest. I’m loving the tool so far, and I thought it about time I shared something.

Here’s a Victorian Cab Asset that I’m working on. I’ve almost come to a point where I can start unwrapping the model and start sculpting some finer details. I just have a few bits to do. Mainly clean up.

This has been quite time consuming so I want to make the most from it. There are varying breeds of horses with different proportions so I plan on keeping the straps semi-procedural with the use of splines; then create a rig that will have options to adjust the horses size. The straps will then adjust fit accordingly.

I will also be attempting to the create the horses hair semi-procedurally with an anisotropic shader and tangent/flow maps. There isn’t a toolset in Blender that will allow me to paint tangent or flow maps so I’ve decided to develop a tool that will meet my needs.

If interested you can keep track of my progress on my blog that I’ve just started. My initial post is:

Update: I forgot I had done a base color and material test. Sharing that too.


I love this piece so far.
When you say a short time. How long have you been doing 3D modeling?


I’m 34 now and I started modeling in 3D Studio Max when I was 14. I was lucky enough that my friend at times parents were Architects. So I had access to the software young, but literally burnt myself before I got a chance to do much commercially. I had to stop when I was about 24 to focus my energy on my job in another industry. I literally started again last year and now hoping to gain employment in VFX, games or Architectural CGI industries. So I would say I’ve been doing it about 10 years.

Whoa. 28 here, and dabbled in blender several times since I was 16, and never made anything that good. Just picked it up on a whim again to make a Rebel Shield Generator and it turned out OK. I decided recently to pursue an art degree with mixed media in mind and I am liking actually sitting down and learning 3d modeling with no pressure added.

Make the most if it. It’s nice to have focus time. You’ll be modeling great things in no time. If you need any help with anything let me know.

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I appreciate it. I have a lot of questions at times. I have an idea to make a haunted space ship at some point.