vidéo clip for Twinesuns

During the month of December 2016, I received the request to make a clip for the music group Twinesuns, from my friend Renzo Tornado Especial.

He provided me with a Kdickian and space stroryboard that I could never have refused. So, I started this project a little crazy to make a video of 10min.

I was lucky to be able to use Gleb and Aidy’s “vfx space elements” tutorials. Because they came out soon after.

In the end, I used Blender’s VSE to edit the video. At this stage, I consider it finished. It arrived the moment of the requested modifications.

So I added an “old” filter to flatten the image and darken it.

Project 100% Blender.
(3% natron, because at the time I did not have the integrated denoising in blender)<span lang=“en”>