Video color replacement

Help me please! I searched all over the internet to find out how to do it. Maybe I’m not good enaugh in googling, but Is there an easy and good looking way to change color of an item in video? Turn red shirt into blue for example

Use the compositor nodes and a keyed node to isolate the color and change it or use the Hue node to alter a specific colour.


Wow! That’s great! Thank you very much for this! Could you also tell me, how to get rid of this previous color edging? I tried to recolor red dress to blue

You can increase the tolerance of color correction, that is, which range of hues (or brightnesses or whatever) is interpreted as the color to be changed. But your case can be difficult because by increasing the tolerance you also color the shadow/spill areas on legs and get this nasty purple fringe that already starts to appear. If you need very good results, roto the problem parts to get better control of edges.

As mentioned the color fringeing is due to compression or bad encoding. There was enough information to go from skin color to red dress but you need better anti aliasing to go from skin to blue.

I didn’t get anything. :spin: Is there a magick button “make it beautiful”? So, I can only try to play with tolerance of the values?

Don’t know which keyed solution you chose. Hard to advise.

I used the first sheme without desaturating original image and addded hue saturation values node to change color of the dress