Video Depth of Field


I searched around a bit, and found some hits for depth of field, but they weren’t related to video editing. Maybe the answer is the same? Is it possible to add a depth of field effect during video editing? If so, could someone enlighten me on the steps to do it? Very green here, not familiar with Blender.

Did you find this?

Thanks! I didn’t find that specific page, but found some info similar on other sites. Problem is, it all says to select the Camera button–the camera that looks like a reel camera. But I do not see any Reel camera button in my properties.

What I have found, is it seems I have to duplicate the video. Apply Gaussian blur to the copy. Create a mask around the focal point, feather the edges, key frame it if necessary. Or like this, this way is a little different.

Heres an example of using the blur node for video. You don’t have to use the addon just make a new scene for the compositor and load the source video into it. Then use that scene as a replacement for the VSE source strip.

Yowzer! That seemed like so many steps! I am a total newb at Blender and video editing. I can’t see myself attempting that at this point. But thank you for posting that method.